NHL playoffs heat up in second round

Rebekah Waldron, North Campus Editor

As the NHL heats up in its 2018 season playoffs, Pittsburgh is full of “3Lievers” chasing the dream of the third consecutive Stanley Cup victory. Vegas, in its very first opening season, the Golden Knights have made a name for themselves, securing a spot in the second playoff round.

After the first round of playoffs, the original 16 teams to enter the stage has been cut down to 8. The current faceoff between Nashville and Winnipeg has been an intense battle to say the least. While still only sitting in the early stages of round 2, the two rivals have gone into overtime, second overtime, and each team has grabbed at least one win. Although Nashville took the backseat to the Pittsburgh Penguins last season for the Stanley Cup, they continue to fight for the coveted trophy.

Vegas and San Jose face off this round as well. This battle, much like Nashville and Winnipeg, has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Also going into overtime and with each team grabbing at least one win, San Jose started the round off with a rough game and followed that game with a gritty performance that brought them back into the game.

Tampa Bay and Boston have started their battle off with a rough game 1 on Tampa’s part, ending with a 6-2 victory in Boston’s favor. However, San Jose has proven that predictions can’t be based off of game 1. Whether it was nerves or lack of preparation that help Tampa back in their first game of the round, they continue to prepare for the rest of the round, hoping to take it all the way to game 7.

Meanwhile, for the third year in a row, Pittsburgh meets Washington for the annual second round face off. Basing the prediction off of history, the round will likely carry on to game 7 and end with Washington’s second round choke, with a significant victory for Pittsburgh, taking them to round 3, most likely against Boston. However, the games thus far have led to intense trash talk amongst fans (as is tradition). Between accusations of paid-off refs, the fights on the ice, and the fact that each team, once again, has snagged at least one win, it’s safe to say that the classic Penguin-Capital rivalry has not lost its fire in the hearts of fans.

Round 3 will be opened with heated fans and defensive gameplay. Although for some face-offs it’s hard to say who will carry on and who will take the backseat, it’s safe to say that each fan is hoping for strong battles and 7th games.