Betsy Ann Chocolates is full of them


Andrew Cardone

Betsy Ann Chocolates in West View is a sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Lindsay Butela, North Campus Staff

As couples start thinking about buying chocolates for Valentine’s Day, the staff at Betsy Ann Chocolates in West View have already been preparing for months.

The Betsy Ann chocolate factory and storefront is located in West View, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from CCAC North Campus. While most retail stores experience a marked drop in sales post-Christmas, the famous chocolate and candy store is gearing up for a busy Valentine’s Day season.
Chocolate and Valentine’s Day is as synonymous as shamrocks with St. Patty’s Day. The traditional gift to your Valentine, chocolate has been scientifically proven to produce endorphins in your brain and has been thought to be an aphrodisiac for eons.

Betsy Ann has been selling handmade gourmet chocolates since 1938. Their website,, shares their story and proudly declares, “Our time-honored recipes include only the finest, freshest, and all-natural ingredients.” A company such as this will have a great deal on their plate in order to gear up for a holiday that is synonymous with chocolate gifts.

Though Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to associate Valentine’s Day with love birds, putting the wheels in motion for other poets to express their affection to others through poetry, songs, and tokens, chocolate did not begin hitting a stride with the holiday until it became affordable to the middle class during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Richard Cadbury was the first to cause the treat to become a staple after selling a “Fancy Boxes” of chocolate confections in 1861. According to ‘The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets,’ he released a heart-shaped box of these in 1868 to sell alongside the holiday and these boxes of candy remain a tradition to this day. features around two dozen special seasonal packs for Valentine’s Day, ranging anywhere from a single heart-shaped chocolate lollipop for less than $4 to a gorgeously-packaged triple-layer variety pack for just around $75. They offer a generous sampling of different confections and flavors, from gummy candy to truffles and many more. We are incredibly fortunate that their factory in West View also includes a store front, though they do ship nationwide for those who are not so lucky.

For more information on Betsy Ann Chocolates, visit their website at or visit their factory/storefront at 322 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh 15229.