Singles Around The World 4.27.21

From Soundcloud.

From Soundcloud.

Dean Robbins, Arts Editor

Singles Around The World is a new series I am launching to spotlight some of the best new songs…from across the globe. You will see music from any corner of the globe and any genre. Enjoy!

“Good Heart” by Abbey [Indie Pop]

Abbey is a female pop singer who has yet to find much of an audience. Alas, one cannot criticize her for not trying. Her latest album “Red Wine & Cigarettes” is a well-produced collection of love ballads and pop songs. “Good Heart” is likely the best song on the album with a satisfying vocal composition and performance alongside some nice banjo. You can find the song on YouTube.

“Assalamualaikum Ramadhan” by B-QUEXX (ft. NJ) [Rap/Spiritual]

It is always neat to see how different musical genres change around the world. This week’s Singles Around The World has two rap songs. The first is this one, a Muslim religious hip-hop song. The song, which I believe hails from Indonesia, combines some rap conventions, Muslim lyrics, and some vocals that sound right out of Southern Asian music. If anything, I think this song will push your conceptions of hip-hop, rap, and Muslim religious music. You can find the song on YouTube.

“badmómz.” by badmómzjay [Rap]

Our second rap song hails from Germany and hits a whole lot differently from Assalamualaikum Ramadhan. This song is not particularly different from American rap with lyrics around gaining clout/fame and navigating social media. The cool part is hearing it all in German. Germany has a very lively rap scene that

is concerned with a lot of unique topics and features regional styles of composition.

Reissue of “The Family of Man” by Bakerloo Junction [Folk]

For good measure, I am throwing in a classic track. “The Family of Man” is a 1976 song from the Irish folk group Bakerloo Junction. The album “Next Stop” features a collection of very mid-70s covers of a variety of Irish standards. This specific song has also done by at least one band: the Spinners. One band that did not do this song is Three Dog Night, whose song of the same name is unrelated. You can find it on YouTube.

“Truth” by Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles [Folk]

Bill MacKay is an experimental folk vocalist, guitarist, and composer. MacKay has previously worked with jazz/rock/improvisation artist Ryley Walker. If you like the slightly more mainstream Walker, you will probably like this. MacKay teams up with Nathan Bowles, who has been described as the “banjo king”. Bowles has worked with artists like Jake Xerxes Fussell and others in the past. The song “Truth” off their new collaboration “Keys” is one of the album’s few songs with vocals. MacKay’s vocals in concert with Bowles’ banjo playing and a few instrumentations becomes truly hypnotic. You can find it on YouTube.

“Mother’s Illusion” by Blood Wizard [Indie Folk]

Blood Wizard may sound like a metal band but it is an indie folk band evoking the 1970s and English rock sensibilities. The song “Mother’s Illusion” is the fourth track off the band’s new first album “Western Spaghetti”. A choir female backing voices and some dark vocals lend many of the tracks on the album a haunting atmosphere. The fifth track is titled “Total Depravity” for example. I know this really sounds like metal, but it definitely is not. You can find it on YouTube.

“Different Anymore” by Amigo The Devil [Indie Rock]

Continuing on from Blood Wizard, we have another folky album with dark undertones. Some tracks push more into rock territories while others could be classified as country. This song “Different Anymore” fits into the latter category. The songs features some lush instrumentation and backing vocals against a beautifully written lead vocal performance. “I’m trying to be different than before”, screams the lead singer. Additionally, if you like this track, the band is coming to Mr. Small’s on November 20. Tickets are $22.

“Back of the Bar” by Black Honey [Rock]

Black Honey is a British female vocalist indie rock band who released their second full album in March titled “Written and Directed”. The British musical elements can definitely be heard in the guitar and drums. The song is about dancing alone in a bar and this is the song to do that precise thing to. Perfect for semi-drunk dancing! You can find it on YouTube.