Starting College with Covid-19

The college experience so far? Underwhelming at best.

Needless to say, I did not expect to be thrust into higher education this way. In August I didn’t know what online college might entail but having completed my first semester, I realize it is a tremendously apathetic entity.

This is not the fault of the professor, but the medium. They are forced to lecture the black boxes on their screen (without much passion) and have to aggressively wrench even the meekest reply out of students’ minds.

This has been my experience with online schooling. Professors talk for about forty-five minutes into dead silence, then log off the ZOOM call. Whether or not the students are retaining lessons is ambiguous. It is cold and lifeless.

The social scene is just as dead. I have had no group projects because a computer does not do a real classroom justice. I know a handful of peers by name and that’s as far as I know them. Making friends is a thing of the past. Getting to know people, nigh impossible.

Although, online learning offers some level of convenience. All I have to do is wake up and go to the room over with my computer. If you’re into that, of course.

Personally, I prefer the engagement of an in-person classroom. Being in my own house does make it more difficult to pay attention since there’s nothing stopping me from getting up and leaving, other than my own volition.

In this time, you learn to develop your motivation a lot, what you’re willing and not willing to do or learn. Depending on who you are, this could be like hitting a brick wall.

And the classwork is as shallow as the social scene and medium. Not a great amount can be thoroughly reviewed as it would in a classroom, course syllabuses suffer cuts here, exceptions there, and the result is a course with lackluster assignments alongside no true learning.

Though this year has been an incredible detriment to every facet of life, it’s important that we’re all trying as best we can to make it through. Courses can be quite vapid, especially now.

But online college is just a way for us to retain some sense of normalcy in the very abnormal world surrounding us now.

It is clearly an atypical way to begin my secondary educational career. Atypical and depressing.