Student reflects on inspiring acts of kindness at CCAC

Courtney Seiler, CCAC South Student

One of the most inspiring things that I have seen is happening right here at CCAC. Administrators, faculty, and staff have been working countless hours trying to make the best of this situation.

#1 – Administrators are tirelessly working to do everything they can for students: I am lucky enough to still see some of the administrators and I can see how exhausted everyone is. My supervisor Dean Jolin (who is the Assistant Dean of Student Development at South Campus) made a comment that inspired me to write this “I have been in so many meetings and I almost forgot why we were doing all of this work.” Unimaginable amounts of work behind the scenes is happening. Students are the reason and I could not imagine working for days and not being able to connect with who this is being done for.  He came into our meeting last week and just looked tired, but so relieved to see students because he was unable to attend for a while. Dean does so much for students and his comment blew me away.  They are looking to us as the reason and motivation, but I am looking to them. I see him as one of the heros and he and everyone else doing all of this work makes the struggles of online classes worth it. People at our college are working tirelessly because they care that much about us. If that is not an epitome of kindness, I have no idea what is.

 #2 – The barrier between the campuses is coming down:  All of the campuses are working together, sharing ideas, communicating, and engaging during this time. Student Governments from across the college are collaborating, sharing how their organizations work and learning from one another, which is incredible to see. When Student Life is talking about events, they are no longer using the term “I” but “we”, it is about what we can do for students. This sense of identity with each campus is strong and I know it is hard to put egos aside and to try and work as a single unit. Each campus has strengths that they can bring to the table.

#3- Professors are going above and beyond: They are letting us into their homes and switching classes to online. My sociology professor David Underwood had never used Blackboard or any technology before. During this pandemic, he figured out how to activate his BlackBoard and has been using Zoom as well. I know he is uncomfortable with technology, but he really rose to the occasion for his students. Also, my psychology professor Sapna Prasad asked this amazing question “Do you feel like your needs for class are being met and what else can I do.” She used Zoom and recorded lectures and was already doing more than I could ask for. The first thing she does is ask us how we are. This situation is hard and I missed a few trips that I was excited for. This professor took the time to ask if I was okay and to reassure me. She had no obligation to do that, but she did anyway. She also kept me motivated on an Honors Contract we were doing together when I almost walked away from it.

I see kindness like this and I want to do everything I can as well. In my mind, every single professor, administrator, and staff member at CCAC are heroes. I am sure when people signed up for their jobs, this was not in the description. I am inspired and grateful for everything this college has done.