CCAC Sports prevail despite COVID-19


Courtesy of CCAC Athletics

Collin Parker, Boyce campus staff

Like many things, CCAC was closed and switched to all online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This does not mean all was lost for the athletics of CCAC. Many sports had great success despite the pandemic.

The Wild Cats compete at the Division 3 level in the NJCAA and WPCC. CCAC has a total of seven sports. These sports are Cross Country and women’s volleyball in the fall, Golf in both the fall and spring, basketball and bowling in the winter and baseball and softball in the spring. 

These sports are split up between the campuses of CCAC. Baseball and volleyball are at the Boyce Campus, softball and bowling are at South Campus, cross-country and golf are at North Campus, and basketball is at Allegheny Campus. Any student from any campus can compete in any sport as all sports are considered part of the college and not just at each individual campus.

CCAC athletics has had great success in sports this year up until the COVID-19 pandemic. The Golf team had athletes place 3rd and 4th in the conference and did quite well through the regular season placing in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd regularly through the season. The volleyball team had much success by being the runner-up’s in the WPCC and region championships. This is the furthest the volleyball team has ever gone. The team also had an athlete on the NJCAA All-American Honor mention team. Congratulations to Abi Cmar!

CCAC Public Relations
CCAC basketball player Shy Faulkner

The cross-country team ran for the first time in a couple seasons and despite only having 2 runners, placed 3rd in the conference. The men’s basketball team was WPCC regular season champions and had quite a few athletes named to honors teams. 3 athletes made the All-Conference team, 1 athlete was named to the All-Tournament team, 2 made All-Region team, 1 made the WPCC All-Academic team and congratulations to Shy Falukner who was named to the All-American 3rd team.

Women’s bowling was the WPCC team champions, doubles champions, and singles champions and runner-ups. 3 of 4 of the female bowlers were named to the All-Conference team. Men’s bowling did very well despite only having 3 bowlers. They had 1 bowler who was WPCC all events and singles champion and 2 won doubles in conference. Bowling also sent 3 Bowlers to Nationals. Congratulations to Paige Adams, Anna Swindle, and Justin Schmitt.

Unfortunately. baseball and softball were not able to run this season. Both teams are looking forward to next year however as the softball team had enough athletes to have a season and the baseball team has had lots of success in the past and are looking forward to having coach Austin Long being there to lead them to victory. 

CCAC looks forward to next season. “The hard work of our staff and athletes has really allowed us to be successful” said CCAC Athletic director Torey O’Donnell. She also stated, “we really like to have experienced student athletes on our teams.” If you or someone you know is interested in competing in CCAC athletics, please contact Torey through email at [email protected]