An update on E3

Will J. Stines, West Hills Center Staff

 With the current situation in mind certain annual events have been either rescheduled, cancelled, or moved to be an online version, but E3 has been cancelled for both an online version as well. Let’s look at what would have been the biggest E3 yet with returning panels and some new players taking the stage. As of March 11th, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) were exploring options with their members to create the online conference experience in June of this year.

On April 8th just a month after announcing that E3 would go on through digital events, but on April 8th it was officially confirmed by the ESA that it is not happening at all. Even though E3 is not happening does not mean that the companies that were going to be in the expo are not going to hold something to announce their next projects.   Microsoft will have a digital event showcasing the Xbox Series X to prepare for Holiday 2020, there is a new unannounced Project called xCloud. There is no word on if Microsoft will have a conference.

For the second year in a row Sony’s PlayStation will not be holding any conference at E3, stating that even though they like E3 they feel that their product is not fit for the style that E3 is doing this year. This is a huge deal for Microsoft, because this means that Microsoft will take most likely most of the attention for the conference. Although games being developed for the PS4 and PS5 will make their way to the stage. Nintendo like Microsoft has not revealed any dates or any hint of what their conference would have been about, but rumors have been about PC and Switch compatibility. Speaking of PC games, the PC Gaming show will also go on, but no dates have been given.

Ubisoft has not announced any plans, but we already know several titles coming for the next gen consoles. These include Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods and Monsters, the rumored Norse-themed Assassin’s Creed, and possibly the Avatar game.

Bethesda has not given anything when they are having their conference, but they will give more about Ghostwire: Tokyo which just had an announcement trailer last year. Fallout 76: Waterlanders updates on possible online features with the games next update. The two final things that do not have much detail on them is Starfeild and The Elders Scrolls 6. EA Play like everything else has no dates but is probably going to officially announce the leak of Star Wars: Project Maverick.

The biggest surprise to everyone was that Warner Bros., they were hosting their first E3 conference no word if they are going to have an online stand in  or not, but they were planning on announcing a new  Batman game and Harry Potter, as well as to give more news on Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.