COVID hits professional sports

Tom Dallmier, North Campus Staff

As the Coronavirus affects the entire world, professional athletes have not escaped the deadly virus and its spreading. 

Since the sports world has shut down, with every major sport in the U.S. indefinitely put on hold, players have still been affected. The shutdown was initially highly criticized by many sports fans throughout the country, though has been shown to be the right move. 

With everybody regardless of age or health being susceptible to the virus, athletes have not been able to avoid it. In the NBA, players such as Kevin Durant, Donovon Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert among others, have caught the virus. The NFL has caught victims such as famous coach, Sean Payton. Von Miller, star defensive lineman for the Denver Broncos, has caught the virus as well.

Some franchises have received criticism for testing all their players, and team personnel. When taking into account how the players interact with media, fans, and teammates who do just the same, the tests could ensure the safety of many others. 

The severity of cases of star athletes has yet to result in any deaths. The reasoning behind this can likely be explained by the top care the players receive, as well as the healthy lifestyle they are required to lead. As the CDC points out, obesity and unhealthy lifestyles put the infected at a much more significant risk. Professional athletes have not faced many of the severe problems due to this fact one can assume.

During the NFL draft on April 23, Von Miller was seen on facetime with teammate Bradley Chubb, discussing his team’s draft choice of Jerry Jeudy just a week after his diagnosis. He appeared to be in very good condition and spirit, despite having contracted the virus. As is the case with Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert, who have already been cleared of the virus. 

The NFL draft is the first major U.S. sports event that has been able to take place since the suspension of all sports. The draft was forced to go online, with the original setting being in Las Vegas for this year. However, on draft night, Roger Goodell announced that Las Vegas would be able to host the 2022 draft to make up for the unfortunate cancellation.

Seeing players struck by the virus such as Von Miller doing well, as well as seeing a sports event take place was a nice source of relief for the many drained sports fans. In a time of constant trouble and negativity, the sports world has shown that there is light at the end of this tunnel. These small things show that we do not have to worry if society will be able to return to normal, but rather we will have to wait on the “when” until everybody’s safety is not at risk.