College students react with mixed emotions to remote learning

Ann Hodos, North Campus Staff

CCAC students react to the switch to online education that started last month due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19. CCAC handled the situation to the best of their abilities during this difficult time but how has the switch affected students learning now?

“The switch to online classes has been harder than expected.” says student Darrin Ruefle, “I thought it would be easier to do things on my own agenda but I find it harder to get motivation to log on more often. It’s harder to take online classes for me because it essentially feels like I’m trying to teach myself the courses.”

When signing up for online classes, teachers often say from the very beginning that the course will require a lot of self teaching. However, usually students are aware of this when they first sign up for the class. Due to the sudden switch to online classes, Students who usually avoid these classes are less likely to succeed because it does not align with their preferred way of learning.

“I realize that they’re actual college classes and they should 100% be taken seriously, but the whole corona issue is affecting the entire world and some slack should definitely be given to the students and faculty.” says student Caroline Hart. “I’m a big advocate for mental health since I’ve struggled in the past, and having to stay home has been tough for me and my motivation.” 

 It is important for CCAC to be aware of the impact that mental health is having on students performances during this time. Students who have never struggled with mental health issues before may be struggling now. It is important to acknowledge and support students and faculty now more than ever.

“The hardest part for me is keeping up with my assignments because it is not like I talk to my peers everyday anymore about what’s due or what’s coming up.” says student Skylar Foster, “I think CCAC did everything they possibly could to make the transition as smooth as possible. All of my professors have been pretty understanding.” 

This is a new learning experience for students and staff alike and it is crucial to be patient and communicate with one another. Teachers have opened more of their hours to be available for students and this should be taken advantage of. It is important for students to be aware that this is also new for teachers and that they may be struggling just as much as students are. 

Student Skylar Foster has some advice for the teachers,” The classes where my professors posted voice overs for the lectures made my learning experience a lot easier actually. However, the classes where my professors only lectured via zoom and didn’t post voice overs were kind of harder. I think what my professors could have done better was to post due dates, checklists and assignments more clearly on one document.”

The only way for everyone to succeed during this challenging time is for the CCAC community to come together and support each other. Don’t forget to keep checking the CCAC website for more updates regarding COVID-19 and to register for class in the fall.