The New Pittsburgher

Casey Nabavi , Allegheny Campus Staff

There once was a man, an adventurer

He worked hard and played harder

He traveled, explored, and roamed

But, he grew tired of the meander

It was time to settle he thought

As he grew older and became wiser

Bags packed and hopes high

He took off on an airliner

He headed east with one place in mind

A place where he could unclutter

He climbed the Rockies, crossed the Planes

Landed where three rivers came together

The town was grand, its people nice

He soon became just another neighbor

Sydney Crosby became his captain

His quarterback, Roethlisberger

Food was good, breweries all around

So excited, he went on a bender

He found friends, just because

He was a chooser and not a beggar

He blended well, mixed, and mingled

He made his point, but never in anger

He used pun, humor, and wit

He never flashed his middle finger

Now retired, he’s eyeing the future

With truth, honesty, and candor

He is settled, happy, and healthy

His life simple, but it isn’t meager

He won’t look back, he won’t waver

For he’s now, the new Pittsburgher