Culinary Club pulls another winner


Dean Robbins, View Writer

On February 13th, the CCAC Culinary Club hosted another one of their now-weekly Culinary Corner events. This week’s theme was “Parm Battle”. The name being derived from the two entrée choices: chicken parm and eggplant parm. For a side, two options were given as well: Italian green beans or vegetable salad. For dessert, there was a “zebra chai brownie”. A whole meal with entrée, side, dessert, and drink cost $7. However, separate dishes were available separately for cheaper. The CCAC Culinary Club plans to have these events every Thursday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the lobby of Jones Hall. The setting of Jones Halls lends an air of sophistication to the whole endeavor, which is much appreciated.

I got the eggplant parm. Sorry for 97% of the world on that one. It came as sandwich on a brioche bun. Per usual for the Culinary Corner, it was fantastic. So was the Italian green beans. They were cooked green beans with breadcrumbs and spices. The dessert was a zebra chai brownie. I was admittedly unsure about what this would be. The zebra name is derived from the brownie’s dark cake and light “frosting” or topping. You can definitely taste the chai spices, but they are not too overpowering. My brownie was a little overcooked as the dark bubbled at the top and only part of it had the topping. But do not worry, it was still fantastic and pretty much what I got was more brownie. Overall, this week’s installment was not quite to the level of last year’s transcendent Oktoberfest meal. Events like that change you. This week, it was just a solid meal. I would highly recommend coming to next week’s. Say hello while you’re there!