Boston Red Sox face possible punishment

Tom Dallmier, North Campus Staff

Amid the sign stealing commotion surrounding the Houston Astros, could the Boston Red Sox be the next team caught in such a scandal?
After former Astros bench coach, Alex Cora, left to be Coach of the Red Sox, fans were thrilled.
Two seasons later, and one world series title later, Cora is gone from the organization.
Cora was said to be one of the driving forces behind the sign stealing scandal in Houston. As the MLB investigated the Astros and this detail was revealed, the Red Sox took it upon themselves to fire their fan favorite coach.
While the Red Sox decide who their new head coach will be, the MLB’s investigation into their possible sign stealing looms over them.
Commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred described the current investigation into the Red Sox as delayed by “a couple of developments.”
Manfred has taken some heat for his lackluster discipline in the eyes of many, of the Astros for their sign stealing scandal that just rocked the MLB.
Houston received a fine to the tune of $5 million, as well as having to give up their first and second round picks in the 2020 and 2021 MLB draft. While this punishment is a very severe one, it was not seen as harsh enough to the fans of the game furious with the integrity of the game under fire.
If the Astros received such a punishment, many are wondering what comes of the Red Sox investigation to see what they shall receive.
As of the moment, the sign stealing has all been speculation. While in the case of the Astros, previous players admitted the sign stealing, and various video evidence came out backing up the suspicion, the Red Sox are just seen as speculation at the moment.
When a primary part of a sign stealing scandal comes to a new team and they see success, suspicion will follow. The MLB is going to release the results of their investigation soon, though what it will entail is a mystery to the common fan at the moment.
Many fans are following though, as they wonder if illegal sign stealing spans across the MLB. Where there’s smoke, there is often fire, so the Red Sox fate could be determined by what comes of looking into the speculation.