NCAA selects top seeds for March Madness

Rebekah Waldron, North Campus Editor

Each year, March Madness, a tournament of 68 college men’s basketball teams, takes over the sports world. The competition is hot, the month is busy, and statistics students are studying teams and players to draw out the most accurate bracket they can come up with.
The full field is divided into four regions, each region having a selected top team. The requirements for a top team are drawn out by the NCAA and predict the team of each region that stands the most likely chance of pitting a tight competition later in the March Madness season.
This year, the teams at the top of the list for the NCAA are the Baylor Bears from the south region, Kansas Jayhawks from the Midwest region, Gonzaga Bulldogs from the West region, and San Diego State Aztecs from the East region.
The Bears have bested the Louisville Cardinals, Seton Hall Pirates, and Auburn Tigers, along with a number of other South region colleges. This paired with the fact that the team has a legacy of appearing in the March Madness roster since 1907, builds an impressive base for the team to work with.
However, this year is looking to be a comeback year, as they haven’t seen the Elite Eight round since 2012.
The Jayhawks, taking the hot seat this season for the Midwest region, are familiar with the grounds of this heated competition. They are considered one of the most prestigious college basketball teams that have successfully claimed three NCAA Championship titles and two Helm National Titles. According to the NCAA selection committee, the seeding process for the Midwest Regions is tight, and the Kansas Jayhawks managed to be on top.
Turning to the West, the Bulldogs debuted in 1999 with an impressive run but no championship. The team has shown considerable promise, however, rising to the challenge just last year and claiming a spot in both the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight. In 2017 the team became a runner-up in the Final Four.
The Aztecs complete the seeding with their representation of the East region. This team has made headway with excellent NCAA Conference records since their first appearance in 1921. They tallied a total of six NAIA titles, three NCAA Championships, and five MWC tournaments. Although their last March Madness appearance was 2018, they haven’t been close to the championship since 2014 when they made an appearance in the Elite Eight.
The 2020 tournament field will be revealed on Selection Sunday, when the full field of 68, seeding, and bracket are released, on Mar. 15.
Mar. 17-18 will see the competition of the First Four, which the Bears, Jayhawks, Bulldogs, and Aztecs all stand a substantial chance as of current standings.
Round one follows from Mar. 19-20, then round two on the 21-22, keeping fans on their feet with the action and intensity of a single-elimination style tournament.
Down to the remaining 16 teams, referred to as the Sweet 16, the competition heats up on Mar. 26 and 27. The Elite Eight then take over from there from the 28-29. The Final Four will compete for a spot at the championship on Apr. 4, and the two top teams of the season will face off for the ultimate win on Apr. 6.