Wildwood Highlands family park closes

Sarah Trapizona, North Campus Staff

After almost thirty years, North Hills entertainment center Wildwood Highlands closed their doors to the family games and endless adventure for good. Wildwood Highlands Family Fun Zone has been an enticing escape for families for generations.
A never ending childhood parade with every thrill and desire a child could dream of.
They were determined to deliver satisfaction with every slushie, birthday party, and over all anyone who walked through their double doors.
However, in Dec. 2019 after some renovations the family owned business decided to close its doors on the past and look toward the future.
They decided to add on an indoor arena built for sports entertainment. After a couple of months the Wildwood Highland business wanted to expand their newfound love of childhood sports entertainment and turn their backs on the old vision.
Their old vision included closing their multiple arcade games, extreme laser tag, bumper car track, and much more. Wildwood Highlands had been known as the place for Friday afternoons and Saturday morning parties.
Numerous events were held there all throughout the year with the fun and games never ending.
The staff and owners always made sure the feeling of excitement and thrills never left. “I recall going snow tubing there every year with my parents and siblings, it was always an amazing time and so much fun!” says Elena Schramm, a student who recalls family bonding at Wildwood Highlands throughout her childhood.
However, like all stories, there is a happy ending. Even though the adventure park is gone, Wildwood Highlands stands with their new motive and drive.
Their new passion is the childhood sports entertainment business.
They will continue to provide the same service and satisfaction through their indoor soccer field/lacrosse field along with an array of sports. They are still offering the same birthday party experience and the same enticing adventures. Just with a new look.
The owners decided to take a new look on and try out the ever growing childhood sports regime that has swept across the Pittsburgh area.
They wanted to have a place where it does not have to be all about sugar but rather action and movement.
They wanted to get more people involved and try something new to broaden their name.
Wildwood Highlands land of games, food, and adventure will be remembered but the dream of entertainment and excitement is not forgotten.
In an interview from Channel 11 news, one of the owners said, “North Park Sports Complex will continue to offer the indoor arena and expansive outdoor field and creek as a resource to local schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, families, and individuals seeking a place to come together for sports, entertainment, education, and community gatherings.”