New bus route may affect students


David Heilman

A new bus route coming near North Campus may help students

Cole Hall, North Campus Editor

After years of waiting, CCAC North will have a Port Authority bus stop. Effective March 15, the McKnight Flyer will have a stop in front of CCAC North Campus. CCAC North Dean John Boehm and Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Mike Turzai, among others, have been rallying for the route changing to accommodate more students. “Students came to one of the meetings in Turzai’s office. Some of them were very enthusiastic,” said Boehm.

The McKnight Flyer’s current route starts in the Rave Cinema park and ride, then turns onto McKnight southbound into the city. With the new proposed plan to accommodate Perry Highway, the Flyer would supposedly navigate from the old cinema lot to Perry Highway, follow it north to the light at the entrance of the CCAC North lot, then continue to the intersection of Perry Highway and Three Degree Road, to bring it back onto McKnight to resume its formal route into the city.

The route, which used to make stops accommodating CCAC students, changed approximately five years ago to no longer include Perry Highway.  The route schedule will have stops at CCAC North reportedly around 7:30 a.m. and again at 6 p.m.  The change in bus route may affect the shuttle service that North campus currently provides. “I’m very proud of the shuttle service and all the help that it has provided in transporting students,” says Boehm. “But if we can get this bus route to take over, then maintaining the shuttle service just isn’t in the budget.”

The shuttle service is currently in its second semester of operation, but has already become a welcome face at the campus doors. “We know who our priorities are. And that’s why we started the shuttle,” says Boehm. The current stops are at Alterations Express on Perrymont, La Roche University, the intersection of Guenevere Drive and Cumberland Road, and Dunkin donuts in West View.

Hannah McKnight, a CCAC North student, relies on the shuttle for her transportation to classes. “My sister and I use the shuttle at Dunkin’ Donuts all the time. That bus route won’t be helpful at all.” She says if the shuttle goes away her commute to and from campus will be challenging. “We don’t drive so we need the shuttle.” The shuttle also stays active in between route runs by driving students to and from the upper lot.

Every three months, Port Authority makes adjustments to their routes and schedules. This means mid-June will be the next revaluation period, and more stops and route times may be added, depending on rider activity. While the bus stop could be a step in the right direction, it might bring complications along with it. Boehm says, “The shuttle might disappear once the Port Authority reinstates a route that accommodates CCAC North, but the decision is not up to me.”