PTK celebrates itself


David Heilman

Nicole Haas, president of PTK at CCAC North, spreads enthusiasm for the group.

Kristen Kaelin, North Campus Editor

An honors society with a chapter at CCAC held an awareness week from Sep 23-27. The Alpha Lambda Nu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honors society serving 2-year colleges and trade schools, had a table in the North Campus Atrium that week, reaching out to prospective members who may not be aware of the honors society’s potential benefits.

“The week-long event went well. We had a lot of interest from first semester students, which is promising for spring semester,” says Alpha Lambda Nu Chapter President Nicole Haas. PTK honors society students handed out information, answered question, and passed out candy while talking about what Phi Theta Kappa offers to a college community. Haas told The Voice “the goal of the event is to bring awareness to our PTK chapter, and the benefits students gain by being part of a great organization like this.”

PTK Membership can help students give back to their communities and gain eligibility for exclusive scholarships. According to Phi Theta Kappa’s official website, “the average member receives $2,500 in transfer scholarships for two years” after leaving a PTK-partnered college. However, Haas believes there is more to PTK than just scholarships. “You gain leadership skills and lifelong friends. You can meet people from all over the world, and network at conferences with leading businesses in the nation.” With so much to offer to students, it might be hard to figure out why Phi Theta Kappa would even need an awareness week; as it turns out, many eligible students just aren’t joining the society.

“Right now, only about one of every 10 students who are eligible for membership actually accepts the invitation,” notes the official web page for PTK Awareness Week. Recruitment events allow students who received PTK invitations to meet active student members and see what they might gain with honors society membership status. Students considering joining PTK should see the official website,, to check eligibility requirements, or see one of the PTK members on campus.

The next official PTK awareness week is Feb 24-28, 2020.