College Board adds new gender options

Marissa Pekular, West Hills Editor

The College Board is making a change to their assessments and programs starting this academic year. When registering for the organization’s programs, students will now have more gender options to choose from.

In a recent announcement, The College Board stated, “Beginning this summer, students will choose from female, male, or ‘Another, (not listed)’ with the option to fill in the space.”

This revision will be added to different websites, programs and tools belonging to College Board throughout the year. Soon, any student preparing for a test or enrolling in a program will have the opportunity to choose a gender that they best identify with.

The decision was made after listening to the feedback of students and educators. “This policy is consistent with the laws and gender reporting guidelines in several states, the District of Columbia, New York City, and many of our member colleges and universities,” Person told Source.

Before this change, several online petitions circulated demanding that College Board accommodate non-binary students. One petition read, “Test-takers who identify with any of the other gender classifications are nonetheless confined to the binary gender system.”

Some students in the LGBTQ community feel that this is one step closer to an inclusive learning experience.

Dawson Tupponce, a member of the LGBTQ+ Club at CCAC North, states, “It’s a good idea, normalizing occurences of non-binary options on applications and forms. That way, no one feels like they need to misgender themselves in order to even fill it out.”

Some students outside of the LGBTQ community also seem to appreciate this change in gender options. Mitchell Hoy, a CCAC student attending the West Hills Center, said, “The inclusion of non-binary students in standardized testing is something long overdue in academia.”

As students try to navigate the overwhelming world of college entrance exams and programs, some will now have at least one less thing to worry about- choosing the identity that best represents their true self.