Editorial: Success tips from the team


Rebekah Waldron, North Campus Editor

Success or failure is both in preparation and mindset. With the start of the new semester, everyone is worried about making it a great one. That means having the right materials, the right schedule, and yes, the positive mentality.

As cliché as it is, it’s equally as important as the erasable highlighters from the office supply store. The best thing you can do for yourself is get on a sleep schedule. Not getting enough sleep can impact college success rates almost as much as drug and alcohol abuse.

Making connections early on will help as well. Getting contacts from classmates in case you miss a class can be a life saver. Introducing yourself to your teachers will help when it comes down to finals week and you have questions about everything from the course. Speaking of connections, get involved in a club, sport, or group on campus.

Having something you enjoy doing at school can help boost how positively you feel towards your time at college. Being on campus all day can be exhausting, too. If you don’t like what’s on the menu for the cafeteria, plan and pack a lunch so you can give yourself a break to recharge.

Don’t sweat the small stuff so much. Get a calendar for you wall, desk, or backpack, and have all your major due dates down. That includes exams, essays, projects, and any other important dates from your syllabus. Break it down and take it step by step instead of trying to take it all on at once.

Coming up with your own process for things will help keep the semester from being too overwhelming as things pile on. Sometimes, it all comes don to making everything little thing that you can as fun as possible.

Go buy yourself a favorite pen! Something that makes writing notes more fun, or makes your calendar colorful, or is just the most comfortable one you can find. A good pen can make all the difference.

Keep in mind, while all these tips are great and important, rule number one: Look out for number one. Prioritize the things that you need to, but it’s really hard to go to school if you’re having constant mental breakdowns.

It’s important to take care of your body as well. Eat as well as you can, head to the gym when you get the chance. CCAC North campus has a weight lifting room near the gym. Join an athletic club on campus to stay active, or go on walks when you get the chance.

Make friends, stay organized, stay healthy, and prioritize prioritize prioritize!

Success is all about how you set yourself up. Be sure to enjoy everything that you can and remember to take control of the things you can, and don’t sweat the things you can’t.