Lopez shakes things up with Career Services


Jenna L. Korth

Anastasia “Stasia” Lopez, Director of Career Services at CCAC North and West Hills Center

Kristen Kaelin , North Campus Editor

Two CCAC campuses have a new Career Services director, and she’s looking to shake things up. Anastasia “Stasia” Lopez took up the position as CS director for the North and West hills campuses starting July 1, with the hopes of giving the resource center a much needed facelift.

Lopez recommends students visit Career Services regularly, starting as early as day one. She recently told The Voice, “We recommend all students visit Career Services throughout their time while at CCAC. We help students who are figuring things out and don’t have a clue what they want to do, or people who have some idea but are not sure, to people who have set career plans—we encourage students to come and talk with us to learn what their options are and it’s as simple as that.”

“Career Services can help any student no matter what stage they are in in life.”

Historically, students at many CCAC campuses have had limited access to information about what Career Services is and the resources it makes available to the student population; Lopez wants to fix this shortcoming with an outreach-based approach, including possible “Atrium Office Hours” if possible. “All students have very different wants and needs so we make sure the experience they are receiving meets the students where they are and is something that is comfortable for them.”

Career Services offers a wide variety of resources to CCAC students. These services include helping students find the majors that fit their dream jobs, introducing students to potential employers, assisting with internship opportunities, and helping students craft high-quality resumes to help get the perfect job.

Lopez also told The Voice she has big plans for this semester. Events in the works include “Prep Days” for the upcoming Career Fair (where she hopes to partner with Dress for Success to offer free professional suits to those who preregister), a “ResuMANIA” event focused on complete, beginning-to-end resume creation, and more events to follow. She also has two Career Fairs lined up at the end of October: one for Arts, Human Services, and Nonprofits, the other for STEM, Nursing, and Business.

Career Services is also students’ lifeline to CCAC-related work opportunities. Lopez advises students to visit www.collegecentral.com/ccac for information about “on-campus opportunities, off-campus work and internship opportunities, career events, and more.” Her office is also on the lookout for “Career Services Ambassadors” to assist with student outreach.

Lopez encourages students to visit her in office or email her at [email protected] with any questions.